What We Offer

Application Developement

Web and Mobile Applications that’ll make your life easier, enabling your business to run smoother. 

IT Consultancy

Sometimes we can get caught up in so many projects that we lose count of our own staff and realize is not enough. We can provide you with resources that go from application development to project management at rates so competitive that you will not even look elsewhere. 


Software? No that’s not all we’re good at. In order to achieve success in IT, you need the right applications… but where they’re running on, is just as important. We can design, optimize and support your Data Center (virtualization, storage, networking) with our solutions combined, your business will run like a well-oiled machine. 

Business Intelligence

Have you ever wanted to know your operation from a smart perspective? We’ll help you set the road-map and strategy for a solid BI foundation and gear you up with the necessary tools so you can have a unified vision of your business. 

Management Consulting

Sometimes we need a little hand on our side and we can be there for you. Technology assessments, customized workshops and process documentation are only a few of the things we can help you with. 

Technology Audit Services & Assesments

Technology Audit Services works to identify areas of technical risk including applications, infrastructure and complex system processes. It can also facilitate the selection of controls in order to allow management to make strong strategic and tactical decisions. 

We Offer 3 type of IT services:
· IT Systems Audit & Assessment
· IT Forensic Analysis
· IT Policy and Procedure Compliance
· Security Matrix