Utreee, LLC: a Puerto Rican IT company that provides ingenious solutions

Bermina Amparo Rodríquez, CEO & founder of the company. (BrandStudio)

The company integrates innovative technology to facilitate business management

With more than ten years of establishment, the Puerto Rican company Utreee, LLC continues to provide innovative and inventive solutions for its clients.

Under its motto, ‘The Smart Way’ or ‘The Smarter Alternative’, this technology company is dedicated to creating ‘Software as a service’ (SaaS), cloud-based, easy-to-use applications aimed at automating processes for different industries, such as aeronautics, food and beverages, distribution chain, retail, banking, recycling, manufacturing, transportation, insurance, health and logistics, commented Bermina Amparo Rodríguez, CEO and founder of the company.

Utreee, which stands for Useful Team for Reliable Ever Evolving Execution, promotes new alternatives that guarantee development in the technology sector, which help economic and social growth, in accordance with the company’s mission. Utreee was founded by Bermina Amparo Rodríguez and Antonio Reyes Suero.

“We can work with customized products, but we also have programs (SaaS) designed by us that we have implemented in different industries to improve decision-making and make their processes more efficient, which adapt to any type of market,” said Amparo. Rodriguez.

He added that technological entrepreneurship offers a multitude of services and among the most common is the design of mobile and web applications, data migration that includes digital transformation, data quality or ‘Quality Assurance’, the development of strategies for the analysis and management of information of a business, whose practice is known as ‘Business Intelligence’, and the use of ‘Cloud Services’ such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.The company also has alliances with Amazon, Microsoft and Odoo, a company that offers an ‘ERP’ (enterprise resource planning, for its acronym in English) complete with business administration tools that contains modules for manufacturing, accounting, inventory, CRM, sales, budget and project management, among others. These alliances continue to grow, not only in Puerto Rico, but also in international contexts.

Other more sophisticated services that Utreee offers, according to the founder, are the implementation of ‘machine learning’ or algorithms to “adopt matrices and culture of products and brands”; data management with ‘big data’; and the integration of the “Internet of Things”, which is the interconnection of physical devices with sensors that capture movement, proximity and temperature, among other data.

Through these services, Utreee developed cloud-based applications such as VendorPortal, AirportBill, Billback$, Logistic+, EtrackDocs, Ehealth, Price Change, YourPayroll, Fast Shopping, and Home Pharmacy for clients in various industries. Although they have different functions, each application is similar because they are focused on improving productivity and replacing manual processes and inefficient applications. These applications facilitate the management of data and processes of a company that, according to Amparo Rodríguez, generate customer satisfaction.

“Our vision is to be a strategic ally for our clients, based on innovative solutions and services to facilitate and simplify their operational processes,” said Amparo Rodríguez.

Solutions beyond the island

Because it is a purely Puerto Rican company, its headquarters are on the island, but it has offices in the United States and the Dominican Republic. He also indicated that, between the three countries, the company generates about 75 jobs, mostly engineers and information technology professionals.

“We are always at the forefront of technology. One of our strategies to grow is the export of these advanced technology products to the United States and other Latin American countries through alliances to export all these products, created by us here in Puerto Rico”, expressed Amparo Rodríguez.

The businesswoman said that, under an alliance with the government of the Dominican Republic, they have integrated their products to facilitate government processes.

“We have implemented well-advanced technology with the government of the Dominican Republic in different applications to unify efforts in different government agencies. There we belong to the project of the presidency, ‘Digital Republic’, where they are advanced in that part of technology”, mentioned the executive.

According to Amparo Rodríguez, another alliance that Utreee has established is with an American technology company to work on projects in the aeronautical area and with the federal government, in which they will use their AirportBill application, whose objective is to manage the landing operation. of aircraft through devices with sensors that collect movement and approach information, known as the “Internet of Things”.

For the businesswoman, who has dedicated herself to the computer industry for more than 18 years, these opportunities for development and growth in the technology area serve as a stimulus and allow the continued promotion of this Puerto Rican company.

For more information about the services and products of Utreee, LLC, you can access the company’s website https://www.utreee.com/ or call 787-957-1272. You can also find the company on the social networks of FacebookInstagramLinkedIn y Twitter.