Quality Magazine carries out a report on Utreee

Bermina Amparo Rodríquez, CEO & company founder 

Utreee is a technology company with more than 15 years in the market and its main activity is development and implementation of technological solutions for process management and optimization business.

It is an innovative technology company that specializes in creating custom business software solutions for organizations of any size. It is found in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Orlando, Florida, USA.

The CEO of the company, Bermina Amparo Rodríguez, explains that among the company’s focus areas are the development of web and mobile applications, cloud solutions, artificial intelligence, IoT, Machine Learning, Big Data, Datawarehouse and blockchain, as well as such as consulting and data analysis services to help companies improve their operational efficiency and reduce costs. Among the markets served are: financial services, public sector, e-commerce and retail, among others.

«With technology constantly evolving we have had to be at the forefront of the latest trends and it has not been easy to continue being relevant and competitive in the market, and together with the growing threat of cyber attacks and the need to protect the information of our clients and intellectual property, we have had to face important challenges, but we have been able to accompany and offer innovative solutions,” she says.

The Total Quality program is focuses on all collaborators of the company in the continuous improvement of the quality of products and services that they offer to their clients, as well as in operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. The company has implemented a program of total quality through initiatives such as continuous training and training of collaborators in quality improvement techniques,creation of QA teams for developed software projects for them and the products they represent.

«In the process of adopting the program of Total Quality, has been fundamental that our collaborators in Utreee actively participate in their application, since they are the ones They know the internal processes of the company and have knowledge direct from the needs and customer demands. To achieve an effective collaboration, we have trained our collaborators in continuous improvement techniques and have a clear understanding of the objectives and benefits of the program total quality,” says the CEO

Utreee applies several points important for the implementation of the Total Quality program, such as process improvement teams, with consultants organized in groups dedicated to improving processes company-specific and work together to analyze and improve these processes; comments and suggestions; and training initiatives, with a plan technical training for improvement continuous and problem solving.

The organization’s vision regarding the Development Goals agenda Sustainable (SDG) is to commit. to contribute through work and the impact on society. Some initiatives include: education of quality, linked to SDG 4, and improve the quality of life of people in local communities through access to basic services such as water drinking and sanitation, fully linked to SDG 6: Clean water and sanitation.

Antonio Reyes Suero Partner and Co-Founder