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Its a cloud solution for document management that offers digitalization and tracking of your physical documents and the expiration of them.

  • Fill and sign
  • Video
  • User security
  • Manages document expiration
  • Encrypted documents
  • Document management audit

It facilitates the process of contracts created with resellers and tracks all transactions done by any supplier or customer in an easy and effective way.

  • Negotiations Workflow
  • Automatic calculate payments by contract
  • Incentive compensation Reports & Dashboards
  • Aging Billback by contract
  • Manage Audit Trails by user
  • User Friendly

This app helps you track all progress from everyone in your company instantly within the app. Your drivers can mark each location as visited or departed. Arrival and departure times in the route are updated as soon as a check-in or check-out happens. 

It’s the perfect application that helps you perform a suggested analysis of the sale price based on your historical data by using the logic of  20/80.

This cloud application, it’s a portal that manages your vendors and customers in a fast and easy way.

The objective of this application is to manage the billing for aircraft landings using IoT devices. It also helps the administration of physical spaces and rental services inside airports and other areas.

  • Central database without elaborate data gathering
  • Relieve the server by working with non-operative data
  • Interfaces with your ERP
  • Reports, Dashboards and BI are included

Carrier to calculate pay and measure the efficiency of its independent and in-house truckers. Eliminate cost and error payments by switching to real-time ordering. Calculate the payment of your independent truckers, including number of packages, distance, and other details to have efficiency and precision in the payment.

It is an application for the management of electronic records in medical offices regardless of their specialty. This application also manages:

  • Device Management
  • Electronic Records
  • Hospital Managements
  • Private Clinics Management
  • Encrypted Documents
  • User Security
  • Fill and Sign
  • History Record
  • Distribute Reports Digitally
  • Send Electronic Prescriptions

It’s a mobile application for selling products online that incorporates:

Your Payroll is an application that allows your employees to request employment certifications, vacations, changes in the bank account, and download their checkbooks, among other easily and safely requests.
This application has a Web and Mobile version for more accessibility to its employees, allowing them to access and verify or request services at any time and from anywhere.

It is a complete application to manage the operation and E-commerce of your business from the purchase made by your customers, inventory management, entry and exit of merchandise, special, among, others.