About Us

We are a company with exceptional partnership, productivity and teamwork environment. Our work is focused on results that stand out our impeccable quality. 

Who we are

Utreee a "smart way"

UTreee is a limited liability company with more than 18 years of experience in the IT sector founded by Bermina Amparo and her partner Antonio Reyes.

We provide a complete set of services from BI to web application development along with the best understanding of modern application creation and designing from a business perspective. With our extensive options of applications combined with our professional experience in the IT field, we assure you a successful implementation for each of client’s needs.

We are a professional team with experience in IT consulting services, full life cycle development of custom-made software applications, project management, and business intelligence. In addition, we have vast expertise with IoT, machine learning, big data analysis, business intelligence, project management, and others. We also work with the implementation, customization, and integration of Microsoft business solutions and SAP products.  

Our efforts are customer-centered. We offer cutting-edge technology with efficient and timely solutions delivered through excellent, attentive service. In Utreee, we will provide you with the tools, services, and support you require at competitive prices. We will help you to achieve growth and higher success in a whole new way!






Continuous improvement


The smart way

Our success is built on our knowledge but with a solid foundation of quality-driven work ethic from which our employees feed on and use as model day by day.

The staff’s expertise extends across different industries, combined with our vast proficiency on a wide range of technologies and a full-service portfolio.


Be the force that creates new alternatives that guarantee the development of the technology field, helping the social economy.


Be a strategic partner to our clients based on your services and innovative solutions to facilitate and simplify their operational processes that make us “The Smart Way”.