Software Quality, necessary and important before the advancement of technology.

Technology advances and it has no plans on stopping. Every day we see its new and innovative proposals. This is not something that surprises us but rather it is already part of our daily lives, and therefore it is not an option to leave technology out of our daily living, controlling and managing it yes, but not isolating ourselves from it.

For this reason, if something becomes a necessity, it is important that we trust it and that is where the quality of software comes to give technology a hand so that in addition to meeting important life needs, it can maintain its level of confidence between its users.

For some years now, software quality has been working hard on creating standards, principles, techniques, and methods to guarantee that the technology is safe and reliable as well as optimal and of a high level.

The importance of software testing not only seeks that the product can meet its specifications, which used to be the main goal. Now, the paradigm has evolved and additionally, of verifying if the product meets the specifications, software quality takes an important leap and provides mechanisms that seek to prevent possible failures during any process of the software life cycle.

Last but not less important, this practice seeks that the product satisfies the client’s needs in a proactive and captivating way.

It’s about creating a universal culture of this important area of the software world, technology with a high level of quality and constantly increasing, guaranteeing a better experience with it, saving significant costs, time and protecting the reputation of large software production companies as well as emerging ones.

The quality of the software is everyone’s responsibility, it is true that there are specialized teams for this practice, but when we are all joining forces, time and knowledge; we have a common goal and in a certain way we all reach the point of becoming good testers who take care and guarantee that each of the processes complies with the highest possible quality until reaching its delivery points or final project closure.

It is not enough to just trust technology, but it is possible to guarantee and demonstrate that it is trusted through software quality.


Anuard Michelen Ramirez | Software QA Team Leader at Utreee | Cofounder of IDCAS